Home delivery and pick-up

Offering same day and 59 minute dry-cleaning.

Round-up cleaners in Oklahoma offers delivery and pick-up.Probably the biggest hassle with Dry Cleaning is dragging your clothing up to the store and then picking it up again a day or two later. Round-Up Cleaners has just made life easier with our new Pick up and Delivery Service. Best of all, it’s FREE! For no more than you’d pay to drop off and pick up your clothes, we will do the driving around FOR YOU!

We’ve been Rounding-Up dirty laundry since 1958. Our Dry-Cleaning Ranch Hands are experienced, ready and willing to coral your clothing and send it to the cleaners for you!

In a rush? Busy schedule?

We now offer home pick-up and delivery for those who have a busy schedule or want a hands-off approach. Give us a call and schedule your pick-up today.