Leather Cleaning Services

Offering same day and 59 minute dry-cleaning.

Part of the beauty of leather is its irregularity or color variation that comes from the animal’s skin. These irregularities give leather its unique good looks. Only plastic can be made absolutely uniform.

Round-Up Cleaners gives leather and suede garments a new lease on life. A fine conditioner and cleaning fluid is used that gently restores the garment and leaves it soft and supple. It also prolongs the life and natural appearance by replenishing oils and dyes that are lost through age and use.

Round-Up Cleaners does not take extra time to restore your garment because we do not send your leather to another cleaners to do the work. We control the quality and this is important to us. Our goal is to restore your leather garment investment to like new condition.

Things you should know about suede and leather garments.

When you buy

  • Be sure that decorations are durable or can be removed for cleaning.
  • Know that many fringed garments may not be cleanable due to the fringe coming off.
  • Black on white or red on white garments may not be cleanable due to dye fading into the white .
  • Good leather garments should last many years and cleanings.
  • Poor quality or low cost garments may not last one cleaning no matter how good or experienced the cleaners is.

At the time of cleaning

  • Do not treat spots before taking the garment to the cleaners.
  • Process all pieces of a multi-piece outfit at once so the colors match.
  • Remove articles from pockets.
  • Advise the cleaners of any repairs or alterations that are needed.
  • Point out any spots and identify the stain if possible.
  • Know that leathers can be redyed to the original color but to change colors is very difficult.

Wet garments should be air dried without heat. This may take several days. With a professional cleaning, many of the oils and feel of the leather will be restored. Do not put stick on labels on leather such as name tags. The glue may leave a mark that the cleaners can not remove.

In a rush? Busy schedule?

We now offer home pick-up and delivery for those who have a busy schedule or want a hands-off approach. Give us a call and schedule your pick-up today.