Laundry Service

Offering same day and 59 minute dry-cleaning.

Wash and Fold

Did you know that doing the laundry is the second most hated household chore among Americans?
Do you have a pile of wash and fold laundry to do? Let Round-Up Cleaners do it for you! Wash and fold is charged by the pound. Our Wash and Fold services are very convenient and can even be delivered to your door for the same price.

How It Works

Your wash and fold will be picked up by your route representative on your designated pick up day. Delivery will be 2 business days later.

With each pick-up, your clothes will be weighed and processed. Garments will be sorted and professionally washed according to color. After drying, all items will be folded and bagged. Clean laundry will be delivered back with no added worries on your part. There is no more stockpiling quarters for the Laundromat, wasting your weekends in endless wash cycles, or finding space at home for the piles of clothes waiting to be washed or folded. Pick-up dirty, return clean. Round-Up Cleaners makes it that simple!

How much laundry is in a pound?

  • 12 lbs. – about two regular size loads
  • 25 lbs. – about three regular size loads
  • 35 lbs. – Five or six regular size loads