Dry Cleaning Services

Offering same day and 59 minute dry-cleaning.

Round-Up Cleaners has always been an innovator in the dry-cleaning industry. Round-Up Cleaners opened in 1958 as the first perclorethloyne plant in Oklahoma enabling us to offer fast 59 minute dry-cleaning. While state of the art for its time, perchlorthlyene solvent is now considered environmentally unfriendly and has a distinctive odor. Today, new solvents and state of the art equipment has improved the entire dry cleaning process.

In February of 2005 Round-Up Cleaners took delivery of two custom built Midwest Dry Cleaning machines that use an exciting new odorless solvent called DF-2000. Df-2000 is an environmentally friendly, odorless dry-cleaning fluid manufactured by Dow chemical that leaves clothes feeling soft and smelling fresh. Frankly we have been surprised how well the new dry cleaning machines work and how good the clothes feel after being cleaned in DF-2000. We are so proud of our new dry cleaning machines because the clothes feel so much better and have no odor.

In a rush? Busy schedule?

We now offer home pick-up and delivery for those who have a busy schedule or want a hands-off approach. Give us a call and schedule your pick-up today.