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Leather Cleaning
Things you should Know...

Things you should know about suede and leather garments.

When you buy

  • Be sure that decorations are durable or can be removed for cleaning.
  • Know that many fringed garments may not be cleanable due to the fringe coming off.
  • Black on white or red on white garments may not be cleanable due to dye fading into the white .
  • Good leather garments should last many years and cleanings.
  • Poor quality or low cost garments may not last one cleaning no matter how good or experienced the cleaners is. At the time of cleaning
  • Do not treat spots before taking the garment to the cleaners.
  • Process all pieces of a multi –piece outfit at once so the colors match.
  • Remove articles from pockets.
  • Advise the cleaners of any repairs or alterations that are needed.
  • Point out any spots and identify the stain if possible.
  • Know that leathers can be redyed to the original color but to change colors is very difficult. Some final comments
  • Wet garments should be air dried without heat . This may take several days. With a professional cleaning, many of the oils and feel of the leather will be restored.
  • Do not put stick on labels on leather such as name tags. The glue may leave a mark that the cleaners can not remove.

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